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鈥he WHO concluded that people exposed to the aerosols exhaled by e-cigarette users have health risks. Particles, including ultrafine and ultrafine particles, as well as new sources of air pollution such as 1,2, propylene glycol , Certain volatile organic compounds (VOC) and heavy metals (such as nickel and chromium) and nicotine; therefore, the increase in the concentration of toxic substances in foreign aerosols poses a greater impact on the health of any exposed person compared to the surrounding air levels. risk.

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He did this by using old data (such as the CDC alert on September 11), and did not explain that many early cases involved patients who lied about using illegal cannabis oil products.

The consumer organization Pro-Vapeo M茅xico has a very useful website that can be read in Spanish or English. Pro-Vapeo is a member of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations (INNCO). Physicist Sussman (Sussman) has been actively working to reduce the harm of tobacco for many years.


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